Idiot's Life

Phones are ringing,
Dogs are barking,
Motorcycles are passing,
Neighbours are watching television
With their passive vision.

Clouds are waiting for our hungry souls,
Two beautiful legs laying on a red couch,
Mixture of colours upon the sky,
Ugly antennas at the roofs pointing at nowhere.

I wish I had been born as an eagle,
A skyscraper to catch the unknown,
My head is too small to feel the universe,
My dreams are too huge to be compromised with an idiot's life.


My Theatre

My soul sits,
But my theater is full of empty seats.
I’m begging you at the aisle,
The solution standing in the ocean as an isle.

It is my turn to pay,
With non-stop sentences, on my knees to pray,
My mood smiles like a gay,
I am forgetting you day by day.

My next try will find the goal,
An achievement with plenty of salt,
Signs of pleasure in my path
Absolute freedom after my last bath.


The Goldmine

The goldmine is not mine,
But I΄ ve got to keep in mind,
Several friends listening to me in time,
Trying to persuade me that everything is fine.

Search engines in an ocean of information,
I am acting in, full of mechanisation,
Dreams, nightmares our sole goal,
An attempt to forget everything at all.

Beers, cigarettes, drugs to set you free,
Traders capturing you with ease,
Monitors that wash my brain,
Every morning the same thoughts again.